Feature Requests
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font size
Sep 16·0
No possibility to set font to 10 at Arial. The system allows you to set the font to 9 or 11.
Show existing prospects when adding more
Aug 29·1
When you use ‘Search and Add’ to add new prospects to a Sequence, the selection display should grey out prospects already on the sequence.
Outlook plugin to track emails sent via Outlook as per V2.
Aug 10·1
I would like to see V3 have the same facility as V2 in respect of monitoring sent emails from Outlook that are outside of sequences and campaigns.
Start date for sequence
Aug 10·0
It would be useful to be able to schedule the commencement of a sequence. This way you can plan for what day it starts.
See what links are clicked
Aug 9·0
It would be useful to see what links are clicked in the emails sent.
API / Webhook Contact Import
May 14·1
Excited to see the developments of Saleshandy 3.0 and what would be really helpful is have google sheet or api/webhook import contacts to the new prospect module, ready to send out new campaigns rathe...